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Seven Habits Worth Breaking. Now.


We’ve all been told which habits may help a person live a long and healthy life. But what about all those unhealthy habits…the habits that can cut a life short?

5 Tips to Help Beat the Winter Blues

winter blues

Feeling down and less energetic now that old man winter has set in? You could have a case of the winter blues. Shorter days and lack of sunlight can zap the energy out of anybody.

The Top 8 Medicare Made Clear Blog Posts of 2014

medicare supplement insurance

If you’re brand new to Medicare Made Clear or just missed a few of our top posts of 2014, here’s a chance to catch up on what other readers found most interesting.

Turning 65 in 2015? 4 Things You Should Know About Medicare

baby boomer

Boomers turning 65 in 2015 share a milestone with Medicare. You are becoming eligible for benefits just as Medicare celebrates its 50th year. Medicare may be 15 years younger than you but, what the heck, 65 is the new 45.

Becoming Dr. You: Learning to Live Healthier and Happier as You Age

healthy aging

Did you know that one of the best doctors you’ll ever meet can be found right in your own home? If not, take some time to introduce yourself to Dr. You.

No More Excuses. Create Your Advance Directive and Living Will

living will

Nobody wants to make end-of-life decisions for themselves by drawing up an advance health directive. The excuses not to do it are endless. Some people don’t know how to get started. Other people are superstitious and think the mere act of talking about it will tempt fate. Others may be stubborn. Whatever your reason is for resisting this very important task, arrangements will have to be made eventually, and hopefully not by someone who doesn’t know you or your wishes. For most people and their families, it’s best to make your own decisions before they’re needed. By creating a health care directive, you may be giving your family one of the best gifts you could ever give them.

Aphasia: 7 Tips to Help Make Communicating Easier


Does your loved one have aphasia and one or both of you get frustrated when trying to communicate with each other? You may hold the key to better communication.

Moving and Medicare Parts C & D: Act Fast for a Smooth Transition

special enrollment period

If you’re moving to a new home and Medicare coverage isn’t at the top of your list, it should be. If you’re moving within your plan’s service area, you can keep your plan. You can find out whether your new home is in your current plan’s service area by calling your plan’s customer service number. If you’re moving to a location outside of your Medicare Advantage (Part C) plan’s or Part D plan’s service area or if you’re moving to an area covered by your plan but more plans are available to you in your new area, you will need to make some changes. The time period in which you can make changes is called your Special Enrollment Period (SEP). During your SEP, you can make the following changes:

7 Health Goals for 2015

new years resolutions

Why do New Year’s resolutions start off so full of promise and then go “poof” a few weeks later? Usually, it’s because the resolution is so grandiose and there’s no real plan. Plus, many people take an “all or nothing” approach with their resolutions. Commit a slight slip and many of these resolutions go straight out the window.  

Winter Driving Tips That May Help Make It Less Scary

winter driving tips

Depending on where you live, winter driving can be hazardous for both you and your car. Cold temperatures can reduce the effectiveness of your vehicle’s battery by at least 50 percent1 and thicken your car’s lubricants, making the engine work harder. Extreme winter weather can also threaten your life. If you live in a northern climate or a mountainous state, you need to take extra precautions to help ensure your safety.  

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