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Medicare Assistance Can Help Those with Lower Incomes

There are programs that can help those with lower incomes pay some costs Medicare doesn’t cover.

There are a variety of Medicare assistance programs available for people with limited incomes, resources or assets. Medicaid, the Medicare Savings Program, the Program for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs and the Extra Help program are available in most states. It’s a good idea to apply early if you think you might need help to make sure you have ample time to complete the application process.

Assistance with Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage

A number of drug companies have Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs (PAPs) available to help people enrolled in Medicare Part D pay for prescription drugs.

For people with limited resources, there are several ways to get assistance with Medicare prescription drug coverage. Less than half of the people who qualify actually sign up, so if you think you may meet the criteria for financial assistance, don’t hesitate to apply.

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