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5 Signs That Memory Loss Might Be More Than Forgetfulness

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When my friend forgets what she was going to say, she gives a glib flip of the wrist, smiles and
says, “Give me a minute.” And sure enough, in a minute or two, she comes out with it.

Memory lapses like my friend has are common. They may happen more often as you get older,
but they’re nothing to really worry about.

How Do You Know When Memory Loss is Serious?

Memory loss that interferes with daily activities may be cause for concern. More serious memory
loss can make it hard to drive, shop, cook or do other everyday tasks. Relationships and social
life may suffer because plans are forgotten or conversation is difficult. Moods and behavior may
become disruptive.

Check out the five signs of memory loss below.1 Talk with a doctor if you notice similar changes
in yourself or a loved one.

5 Signs of Memory Loss

  1. Asking the same questions over and over again
  2. Getting lost in places you know well
  3. Not being able to follow directions
  4. Becoming more confused about time, people and places
  5. Not taking care of yourself – eating poorly or not bathing

Does Medicare Cover Memory Testing?

Medicare covers memory testing – also called cognitive testing – as part of the annual Wellness
Visit. During the visit, your doctor may use observation, interview-type questions or an
assessment tool to test your ability to remember and understand.
The Wellness Visit is covered by Medicare Part B. You pay nothing for the visit and the Part B
deductible does not apply. Additional memory testing or specialist services, if needed, may come
with costs.

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1Understanding Memory Loss (National Institute on Aging)