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Adult Daycare May Help Your Loved One Live at Home Longer

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adult-daycareIf you’re a caregiver to a loved one and feel guilty taking a break from your responsibilities, know this — of those caring for someone aged 65 or older, the average age of the caregiver is 63 years old, and one third of these caregivers are considered to be in fair to poor health.

Respite care services, such as adult daycare, not only can help your loved one, it may give you the time needed to take care of your own health and wellbeing, and go to work. Many times, using the services of adult daycare can help caregivers become better equipped to care for loved ones so they may be able to live at home longer.

Adult Day Care Services

Adult daycare programs are designed for seniors and cognitively impaired adults who need assistance or supervision in a safe environment outside the home. Services vary by location, but they typically may include:

  • transportation to and from home
  • nutritious meals
  • social or recreational activities with other participants
  • help with toileting, grooming, eating, and other personal activities of daily living
  • some type of skilled assessment, treatment and rehabilitation goals

There are also programs designed for family members. Services vary by location, but they typically may include:

  • caregiver support groups
  • education on various topics like managing difficult behaviors and home safety
  • counseling and help with locating community resources


The cost of respite care varies with the type of care needed. Usually, Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans do not cover the costs associated with non-skilled respite care or adult daycare. However, you or your loved one may qualify for financial help through local, State or Federal agencies. You can start by calling your local city or county government offices for a list of contacts. Your local adult daycare program may also have a list of contact information.

Learn more about respite care at Eldercare Locator.

Learn about Adult Day Care for Alzheimer’s at the Family Caregiver Alliance.

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