Could Your Alcohol Use be Putting You at Risk?

3 Simple Ways to Change Medicare Plans

2 Ways You Could Save on Blood Sugar Test Strips

How to Navigate the Part D Coverage Gap

Smoking Still Kills, 50 Years Later

Medicare DSNPs Serve Low-Income Seniors and People With Disabilities

Do I Have to Renew My Medicare Plan during Open Enrollment?

Medicare Basics for Caregivers

Open Enrollment: Does Your Medicare Coverage Need a Tune-Up?

What Kind of Medicare Coverage Do You Have? It’s in the Cards

Is Your Medicare Coverage Working for You?

What if We Talked about Depression?

Get Ready for Medicare Open Enrollment with These Online Resources

The Most Accessible Medicare Resource You May be Overlooking

Family Caregivers are Frontline Medicare Advocates

Need Help Navigating Medicare? Here Are Some Ideas

Medicare Scams: How to Spot Them and How to Stop Them

What to Feed Your Brain

National Medicare Education Week is Sept. 15-21

4 Questions to Ask Before Making the Move to a Retirement Community

Medicare Part B May Not Cover a Hearing Aid, But Part C Might

How to Stay in Your Home as You Get Older

Tips and Resources for New Caregivers

Medicare Part A, Benefit Periods and Deductibles

10 Tips for Choosing a Primary Care Doctor

Medicare Part C: The Basics

Turn 65, Retire, Sign Up for Medicare…or Not

5 Tips for Staying Safe in the Summer Heat

Should All Men Have Routine PSA Tests for Prostate Cancer?

Down-to-earth Technology Solutions for Safety at Home

5 Savvy-Shopper Tips to Help You Get the Most from Medicare

Shingles: Should I Get Vaccinated?

Moving and Medicare Parts C & D: Act Fast for a Smooth Transition

Women’s Health: 5 Tips for Preventing 3 Top Diseases

Medicare Increases Coverage for Mental Health Care

Could Playing With Your Grandkids Help Prevent Breast Cancer?

Understanding Hearing Loss

Is It Depression or Dementia?

5 Timeless Tips for Family Record Keepers

What to Keep in a Safe Deposit Box

One Preventive Screening Test You Don’t Want to Miss

6 Diabetes Myths Debunked

Meditation 101: How Meditation Changes Your Brain

What is a Medicare Medical Savings Account Plan?

Heart Healthy Help from Medicare

Health, Meet Wealth

The Truth about Your Medicare Part B Premium

COPD and Medicare

You May Qualify for Help Paying Your Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Costs

How to Prepare for Your Medicare Wellness Visit

There’s No Place Like Home for Preventing Falls

5 Timely Tips for Boomers Turning 65 in 2017

Medicare for Individuals Who are Divorced or Widowed

Winter Driving Tips That May Help Make It Less Scary

Anxiety Disorder May Be Missed in Older Adults

20 Healthy Tips for the Holidays

Medicare Allows Nursing Home Residents Time Away with Family

Emergency Health Care Coverage While Out of Town

Are Your Elderly Parents Showing Signs of Self-Neglect?

Shingles or a Shot: Which Would You Rather Have?

Prescription Discount Cards and Other Money-Saving Medicare Tips

5 Ways to Pay Your Medicare Part B Premium

How to Compare Medicare Advantage Plan Costs

Proper Foot Care for People with Diabetes

Your 5-Point Checklist for Choosing a Medicare Part D Plan

Medicare Open Enrollment: Where to Get Help

3 Medicare Part D Costs You May Not Know About

Cold or Flu? How to Tell the Difference

What’s the Difference between Medicare HMO and Medicare PPO Plans?

Daily Calorie Intake for 50+ Crowd

3 Ways to Change Medicare Plans

4 Basic Questions to Ask about Your Medicare Part D Coverage

Medicare Supplement Insurance or Medicare Advantage?

Copays, Coinsurance and Other Out-of-Pocket Expenses

5 Medicare Mistakes That Could Cost You

Medicare Plan Renewal: Not Deciding Is a Decision

Medicare Open Enrollment Starts October 15

Timing Is Everything: Medicare Enrollment for Retirees Over 65

5 Simple Strategies to Help Protect Yourself against Medicare Fraud

Follow These Tips to Help Avoid Falls

What is Original Medicare?

What is Co-insurance?

Medicare Doesn’t Cover Everything: What You Need to Know

Helping Someone with Medicare Decisions? We Can Make It a Little Easier

Welcome to National Medicare Education Week

How to Appeal a Medicare Decision

What Is Hospital Observation Status?

Concrete Answers to 10 Common Medicare Questions

Medicare Plan Changes: What to Look For

Medicare Supplement Insurance: The Basics

12 Critical Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Your Diagnosis

What is National Medicare Education Week?

Medicare for Same Sex Couples

Medicare Basics for Caregivers

Don’t Get Around Much Anymore? Medicare May Be Able to Help

Where’s My Original Medicare ID Card?

How to Get Triple-Tax-Free Retirement Savings

Pharmacy Loyalty Programs vs the Medicare Donut Hole

Picking a Primary Care Provider for Yourself or a Loved One

Take a Lot of Meds? See if You Qualify for a Medication Review

Is it Skin Cancer or Just a Mole?

Disability vs Age: Is Medicare the Same for Each Group?

Medicare Costs Got You Down? You May Qualify for Financial Help

Like to Travel? It May Affect Which Medicare Plan You Choose.

Avoid the Sticker Shock of Medicare Billing

How to Avoid Paying More for Prescription Drug Coverage

Make Your Health a Priority; Your Body Will Thank You Later

For African-American Women, Diabetes Education May Need New Focus

Medicare Part D: The Basics

New to Medicare? Schedule Your Welcome to Medicare Visit.

You’re 65 and Working: What about Medicare?

3 Health Concerns Top the List for Older Men

New to Medicare? Follow this Checklist for a Successful Start

5 Reasons Men Skip Doctor Visits, and Shouldn’t

Home Health Care for Those with Medicare Who Can’t Leave Home

4 Assistance Programs that Could Help Pay Your Medicare Costs

No Bones about It: Osteoporosis is Serious

Medicare Part A: The Basics

What Women Should Know About Losing Weight After 50

If You Suffer From Urinary Incontinence, You’re Not Alone.

How to Fight Frailty for More Life in Your Years

Breast Cancer: We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

Could Your Alcohol Use be Putting You at Risk?

Sudden Onset Dizziness or Vertigo

The Medicare Part D Donut Hole: Going…Going…Not Quite Gone

Medicare Coverage for Non-Working Spouses

How to Prepare for Making Tough Health Care Decisions

What Does It Mean To Get “Fit”?

Physical Exam or Wellness Visit? What Medicare Covers

4 Steps to Enrolling in Medicare at Age 65

Medicare Part B: The Basics

Don’t Leave Medicare Benefits on the Table. Use Them!

2 Ways You Could Save on Blood Sugar Test Strips

What Kind of Medicare Coverage Do You Have? It’s in the Cards

A Medicare Advantage Plan May Be Your Ticket to Dental and Vision Care

What’s the Difference between Medicare and Medicaid?

Why Did You Get Form 1095-B?

Ask a Pharmacist: Generic vs. Brand-Name Drugs

The Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

Living with Chronic Heart Failure

Could High Cholesterol Be Harming Your Heart?

Medicare: How to Put the Parts Together

You May Not Know This about High Blood Pressure

How to Get Dental and Vision Care Coverage When You Have Medicare

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: It’s Not All in Your Head

2 Money-Saving Medicare Moves for the Self-Employed

Who Will Pay More for Medicare Part B in 2016 and Why

Mind Over Fatter: A New Approach to Losing Weight After 50

3 Basic Balance Exercises for Seniors

Medicare Beneficiaries Needing Hospice Care May be Covered

Medicare and Your Private Medical Information

Your Top 10 Medicare Questions of 2015

PACE Helps Many Seniors Live at Home Longer

Hunger: It’s More than a Feeling. It Can Make You Sick

Adult Daycare May Help Your Loved One Live at Home Longer

Ouch! My Head Feels Like it’s in a Vice Grip

Plan Won’t Pay for a Prescription Drug? You May Have Options

5 Ways to Pay Your Medicare Part B Premium

Some Preventive Service Visits Come With a Cost

Breathe Easy. Medicare Part B Covers Oxygen Equipment

Medicare for Same Sex Couples

Need Eyeglasses or Eye Care Coverage? Check Your Medicare Options

Where to Get Medicare Enrollment Help

2 Ways to Prescription Drug Coverage

Learn About Medicare in 30 Minutes or Less

Think Older Adults Don’t Abuse Prescription Drugs? Think Again.

Good News: Medicare Part B Covers Cataract Surgery

4 Types of Medicare Savings Programs and What They Cover

This Just In: People 65+ May Now Need 2 Pneumonia Shots

Caregiver Resources to Help You Help Your Veteran

Why You and Your Spouse Might Need Different Medicare Plans

Go Ahead and Fidget. It May be Good for Your Health

The Medicare Appeal: Resources to Help Get the Process Started

Medicare Resources at Your Fingertips

Boomers and Hep C: What You Need to Know

Do’s and Don’ts: Cancelling a Marketplace Health Plan

Medicare Part D Plan Changes: What to Look For

Born in 1955 or Later? You May Have to Work Until You’re 67

12 Critical Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Your Diagnosis

Getting Around Town When You Can No Longer Drive

Take the Sting Out of Dry Eye

Should You Change Your Medicare Plan?

How to Get to Yes When Off-Label Drug Use is Denied

Medicare Part D Can Be Costly. Financial Assistance May Help.

Hey, Doc. I’m Over Here.

Don’t Get Dinged by Disaster. Plan Ahead

What is Creditable Drug Coverage?

Does Milk Give You a Bellyache?

Caregivers Need Help Understanding Medicare, Too

Original Medicare + Supplement or Medicare Advantage: Can You Switch?

5 Common Questions Patients Ask Pharmacists

3 Good Reasons to Shop for a New Medicare Plan

Diabetes and Hepatitis B: Should You Be Vaccinated?

Hearing Impaired? Communicate Smarter, Not Harder

10 Ways to Help Prepare for Your Next Doctor Visit

Get Help Managing Out-of-Pocket Medicare Costs

Replacing Your Medicare Card Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

5 Steps to Choosing a New Doctor

Have Diabetes? Medicare Parts B and D Have You Covered

Low Vision: Make the Most of What You Have

Are You at Risk of Skin Cancer?

National Medicare Education Week is Sept. 15-21

Nutrition and Eye Health Go Hand-in-Hand

Medical Professionals Say Pricey Shingles Vaccine is Worth the Cost

7 Simple Steps to Organize Your Paper Piles

Medicare Part B Enrollment Forms and Resources at Your Fingertips

Short of Breath During Allergy Season? You May Have Asthma

Leukemia in the 50+ Crowd

Help! I Have a Disability and I Want to Enroll in Medicare.

Say Bye-Bye to Social Security Numbers on Medicare Cards

How to Transition From the Health Marketplace to Medicare

Is it Skin Cancer or Just a Mole?

Medicare Costs Got You Down? You May Qualify for Financial Help.

Poll Shows Older Adults and Professionals Disagree on Seniors’ Needs

Where’s My Original Medicare Card?

Acid Reflux and GERD: Lifestyle Changes May be All That’s Needed

Take a Lot of Meds? See if You Qualify for a Medication Review.

Like to Travel? It May Affect Which Medicare Plan You Choose.

STDs and the Sexually Active Senior

Picking a Primary Care Provider for Yourself or a Loved One

Disability vs Age: Is Medicare the Same for Each Group?

Want to Stop and Smell the Roses, but You Can’t Smell a Thing?

Senior Center Membership May Mean a Happier, Healthier Life

A Migraine Without Pain is Still a Migraine

Scheduled for Surgery? Ask About Centers of Excellence.

8 Tips to Help Fight Health Care Hacks

How to Get Triple-Tax-Free Retirement Savings

4 Questions to Ask Before Making the Move to a Retirement Community

Listen Up Coffee Lovers. Caffeine May Actually be Good for You.

Pharmacy Loyalty Programs vs the Medicare Donut Hole

Shoulder Pain: Similar Symptoms. Different Disorders.

A Pet May be Pawsitivley Fabulous for Your Health

Get an Offer for a Free Medical Device? There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch.

New to Medicare? Schedule Your Welcome to Medicare Visit.

3 Health Problems That Stress May Worsen

Get Happy. Your Health May Depend on It.

3 Ways to Dispose of Your Old, Unused Medications Safely

How to Avoid Paying More for Prescription Drug Coverage

For African-American Women, Diabetes Education May Need New Focus

How a Medicare Plan is Like a Major Appliance

Should You Take Daily Low-Dose Aspirin?

Part B Late Penalties Could Cost You Big Time

Senior substance abuse: the new age of addiction

Keeping Weight Off: 3 Steps to Success

Fiber Does Your Tummy Good. And Maybe Your Heart, Too.

Men are Different from Women. So are Their Health Care Needs.

Tips to Help You Quit Smoking for Good

Do You Really Need That Mammogram?

Colon Cancer Screening Tests Without the Ouch

Get Proof of Your Social Security or Medicare Benefits

Here’s What’s New for Medicare in 2015

Why won’t you wear your hearing aids?

Are You Heart Healthy? Find Out. Get Screened.

Leg Pain? It May be Peripheral Artery Disease

Give the Gift of Sight. Become an Eye Donor.

How to Read a Prescription Drug Label

Leaving the Nursing Home and Want a Home Risk Assessment?

Medicare General Enrollment Period Requirements and Penalties

Are You at Risk for Colon Cancer?

Don’t Let Glaucoma Steal Your Eyesight. Get Tested.

Drink Plenty of Water. Your Body Will Love You for It.

Seven Habits Worth Breaking. Now.

5 Tips to Help Beat the Winter Blues

The Top 8 Medicare Made Clear Blog Posts of 2014

Turning 65 in 2015? 4 Things You Should Know About Medicare

Becoming Dr. You: Learning to Live Healthier and Happier as You Age

No More Excuses. Create Your Advance Directive and Living Will

Aphasia: 7 Tips to Help Make Communicating Easier

7 Health Goals for 2015

The Silent Killer: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Ask a Pharmacist: What Is a Formulary, and Why Is It Important?

Beware of Medicare Open Enrollment and Other Financial Scams

Medicare Drug Costs: You Have Choices

Vitamin D: It’s Good for More Than Just Your Bones

Drinking can be Risky Business for Some Older Adults

Medicare: HMO vs PPO

Proper Foot Care for People with Diabetes

If You Stutter, You’re Not Alone.

Ask a Pharmacist: Mail-Order Pharmacies

Pets and Good Health

Culinary Herbs vs Herbal Supplements

If The Shoes Fit, Wear Them!

Oh, My Aching Joints! It May be Osteoarthritis

Nutrition: Why You Need It. Where to Get It.

You Have Choices: Medicare Open Enrollment 2014

Workplace Bullying is Destructive

Shield Your Eyes from Sun Damage

Psoriasis in a Nutshell

Follow Four Simple Steps to Protect Against Food Poisoning

Understanding Medicare Can Help Lead to a Confident Retirement

Caregivers Helping Loved Ones with Medicare Decisions

Closing the Medicare Information Gap with NMEW

Medicare Part D Enrollment: Your Neighborhood Pharmacist May be able to Help

Medicare Q&A: What Are Your Top Medicare Questions?

To Do: Get Reliable Medicare Information. Check!

Physical Activity: Getting Started

Frustrated With a Medicare Coverage Decision? NMEW Can Help!

How Old is Too Old? Safety Tips for Drivers Ages 65+

Does A Healthy Mouth Equal A Healthy Body?

National Medicare Education Week is Sept. 15-21

Decode Your Explanation of Benefits (EOB)

Dry Mouth: It’s Not a Natural Part of Aging

Are Communities Doing Enough To Meet The Needs Of Seniors?

4 Simple Steps to a Successful Doctor Visit

Ask a Pharmacist: Save on Your Prescription Drugs

How To Qualify For Medicare If You’re Disabled

Surviving A Stroke. What Happens Next?

Are You at Risk for a Heat-Related Illness?

Choose the Right Hospital for You

Farmers Markets: Eat Fresh Produce for Good Health

Traveling Abroad: Tips for a Better Trip

Ask a Pharmacist: Taking Your Medications

Avoid Late Medicare Enrollment Penalties

Need Help With Your Medicare Premium Payment?

Low Back Pain: Prevention is the best medicine.

Ask a Pharmacist: Safety and Your Prescription Drugs

Results: UnitedHealthcare’s Ninth Annual 100@100 Survey

Get Informed: High Blood Pressure and You

Respite Care for Caregivers: Give Yourself a Break!

Medicare and Skilled Nursing Care & Therapy Services

The Link between Creativity and Happiness

Meditation 101: How to Meditate in 3 Easy Steps

Medicare Coverage for Married Same-Sex Couples

Meditation 101: What is Meditation? 6 Myths Set Straight

The Top Medicare Blog Posts of 2014 (So Far)

Meditation 101: Managing Stress with Meditation

Visit Your Local Library during National Library Week

The Health Benefits of Laughter

STDs in Older Adults

Ah-Choo! How to Manage the Allergy Season

Turning 65 in 2014? What You Need to Know About Medicare

Planning for Your Digital Afterlife

Volunteering: Good for Others, Good for You

Is Somebody You Love Still Smoking?

Medicare vs. Medicaid: What’s the Difference?

5 Tips That May Help You Sleep Better

Dental Coverage & Medicare

Features to Explore on

How to Use

Research on Prevention: Alzheimer’s Disease

Review Your 2014 Medicare Coverage

Go Red—and Celebrate Your Heart

Understanding the Medicare Drug Tier System

Live a Balanced Life—and Help Prevent Falls

Medicare General Enrollment Open Now

Resolution for 2014: Protect Your Eyes

What Will Medicare Cost in 2014?

The Basic Details About Prescription Drug Plans

Seasonal Affective Disorder in Older Adults

Pet Power

An Attitude of Gratitude for Health and Happiness

Now Hear This!

Got New Coverage for the New Year?

Are You Ready for 65?

8 Holiday Tips for Caregivers

5 Reasons to Review Your Medicare Coverage Now

Keep Your Hands to Yourself. It’s Cold and Flu Season

Still One Week Left to Change Your 2014 Medicare Coverage

Top 3 Questions About Medicare…Answered

Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage Basics

Caregiving and Alzheimer’s Disease

Caregiving Is Going to the Dogs (and Cats)

November is National Family Caregivers Month

It’s Time to Decide: Medicare Open Enrollment Boot Camp

November is National Hospice Palliative Care Month

How Do TRICARE® and Medicare Work Together?

Diabetes is a Family Affair

Find and Compare Plans: Medicare Open Enrollment Boot Camp

Delaying Your Social Security Payments Might Be Worth the Wait

Review Your Prescription Drug Coverage: Medicare Open Enrollment Boot Camp

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

To Change or Not to Change Medicare Coverage: Medicare Open Enrollment Boot Camp

SHIP can be a Lifeline to Medicare Information

Are You Dual Eligible or Qualify for a Medicare Special Needs Plan?

Medicare Coverage to Fit Your Needs: Medicare Open Enrollment Boot Camp

Medicare Open Enrollment is now. Are you ready for a change?

Premiums, Copays and More…Oh My!

Two Paths to Medicare: Medicare Open Enrollment Boot Camp

Is It Alzheimer’s Disease or Just Forgetfulness?

Medicare Memo: Who Pays For Long-Term Care?

Get Smart, Be Prepared: Medicare Open Enrollment Boot Camp

Sing For the Health of It

Celebrate. World Heart Day is September 29.

Medicare Open Enrollment Boot Camp: Getting Started

Caring for a loved one? Learn how to get caregiver support.

Medicare Coverage for Home Health Care

Family Caregivers, Do You Need Help Understanding Medicare?

Retirement in Balance – Health and Wealth

National Medicare Education Week is September 15-22

Top 10 Reasons to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Financial Assistance for Children’s Medical Expenses

4 Ways You Could Get Help With Medicare Costs

Visit the NEW Medicare Made Clear Web Site

Try to Avoid Medicare Late Enrollment Premium Penalties

Caregiver’s Need Quality of Life, Too

Don’t Miss Your Annual Medicare Wellness Visit

Flu Season is Right Around the Corner. Protect Yourself With a Flu Shot.

Denied Rehab Therapy Just Because Your Medical Condition is Not Improving?

Medicare Part D Coverage Gap: What’s Happening Now?

The Second Annual United States of Aging Survey Results Are In

Medication Therapy Management Programs

Caregiver Corner: Necessary Conversations Part 3

Medicare Starts Mail-Order Program for Diabetes Supplies

Live Independently as You Get Older

How Can Your Income Affect Your Medicare Premiums?

65+ and Still Working? Make Your Medicare Decisions Carefully

Medicare Memo: Keep Your Cool During Hot-Weather Activity

Caregiver Corner: Necessary Conversations Part 2

Dig It, It’s Dad’s Day!

Rules of the Road for Safe Driving

Be Cancer Aware With Medicare

Healthy Aging – A Call to Action

Smokers Need Help to Quit

How to Build Brain Health

Caregiver Corner: Necessary Conversations Part 1

Medicare is Not a Family Health Plan

Medicare Covers Diabetes Self-Management Training Services

Happy Mother’s Day from Medicare Made Clear!

What Boomers Can Learn From Centenarians

3 Surprising Facts About Arthritis

Sexually Transmitted Disease and You

Hands-Only CPR Helps Save Lives

3 Medicare Myths Set Straight

Medicare Part B Could Help You Save a Limb

Medicare Covers Medical Nutrition Therapy

Medicare Offers Help with Prescription Drug Costs

Check Your Blood Pressure Lately?

Medicare With Other Insurance: Who Pays First?

Older Adults and Nontraditional Health Care: The Doctor Is In

Are You at Risk for Diabetes?

How to Read Your Medicare Summary Notice

Medicare and Mental Health Benefits

Medicare Offers Kidney Disease Education Services

How to Get Dental Coverage with Medicare

How to Report Suspected Medicare Fraud

A Key Expense Medicare Won’t Cover

Generic Drugs: Can You Trust Them?

Online Medical and Health Information: Reader Beware

Applying for Medicare in the 21st Century

Part B or Not Part B? That is the Question

Medicare Coverage for Outpatient Rehabilitation Therapy

How to Appeal a Medicare Decision

Get With the Program to Save Money on Prescription Drugs

Taking Your Health to Heart

Vaccines: They’re Not Just for Kids

Medicare and Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

New Medicare Guides Provide Latest Information

How Can an Annual Wellness Visit Help Me Stay Healthy in 2013?

What Will Medicare Cost in 2013?

The Top Nine Medicare Made Clear Blog Posts of 2012

Medicare Memo: The Eyes Have It

I’m Covered for 2013—What Now?

Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays

How to Be “Medicare-Prepared”: A Primer for Snowbirds

Making Healthy New Year’s Resolutions that Stick

Medicare Memo: Feeling Your Best During the Holidays and Beyond

OEP Is Over: What to Do if You Missed It

OEP Is Ending: Do You Have the Coverage You Need?

Tweet, Post and Like: Social Media May Brighten Your Day

Only 1 Week Left to Change Your Medicare Coverage for 2013

Medicare Memo: Stay Active This Winter

The Fight to End Hunger: Seniors in the U.S.

Happy Thanksgiving

Caregiver Corner: Is a Special Needs Plan Right for Your Loved One?

I’ve Switched to Original Medicare. How Do I Get Prescription Drug Coverage?

Your #1 Medicare Decision Every Year

Caregiver Corner: Extra Support for You and Your Loved Ones

Medicare Health Plans Through Private Insurance Companies

OEP Boot Camp: Decide and Take Action

5 Tips to Help Make Medicare Work for You

OEP Boot Camp: Check Your Prescription Drug Coverage

Happy Halloween!

OEP Boot Camp: Look at Your Provider Network

OEP Boot Camp: Review Your Current Coverage

OEP Boot Camp: Consider Your Health Care Budget

Making Sense of Your Medicare Summary Notice

OEP Boot Camp: Assess Your Health Care Needs

Can You Hear Me Now?

Graduation to OEP Boot Camp

Medicare Memo: Mammograms Help Save Lives

Decoding Medicare’s Alphabet Soup

Do You Know What Medicare Advantage Is?

The Medicare Two-Step: The Path to Your Enrollment Choices

Medicare Memo: Women, Protect Your Heart Health

Medicare in the News

Learning About 2013 Changes to Your Medicare Plan

Medicare Memo: Get Ready for Flu Season

Two Medicare Enrollment Periods You Don’t Want to Miss

Family Caregivers, National Medicare Education Week is for You, Too

New Enrollment Tool: a Window to Your Medicare Enrollment Periods

Caregiver Corner: Three New Videos to Help You Care for Your Loved Ones

Where Can I Get Help Choosing the Right Medicare Plan for Me (or My Loved One)?

National Medicare Education Week: September 15-22

Medicare Made Clear Blog Series: Get Ready for the Open Enrollment Period

Is Your Medicare Plan the Best One for You? This Checklist Can Help You Decide

Working Past Age 65? What About Medicare?

How Can I Delay Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage without Paying a Penalty?

Announcing the NEW

How to Evaluate Medicare Plan Costs

Medicare and Medicaid Can Work Together

What is a Medicare Medical Savings Account Plan?

Inaugural United States of Aging Survey Finds Seniors Are Upbeat About Aging

Medicare’s Open Enrollment Period for 2013: What You Need to Know

Medicare Memo: What are Advance Directives?

How to Get Help with the Cost of Medicare

Out-of-Pocket Medicare Costs: What’s the Limit?

Keeping Your Medicare Health Information Safe and Sound

HMOs, POSs, PPOs and SNPs – Your One-Stop Shop for Coordinated Care

Medicare Memo: How High is Your BMI?

Medicare and Retirement: Not Necessarily Linked

What’s the Difference Between Medicare Advantage HMO and PPO Plans?

Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage – A Cost Comparison

A Feast of Information: Medicare Made Clear’s Free Guides

On the Record: Keeping Track of Your Personal Health Information

Caregiver Corner: Helping your loved one prepare for the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period

What is Medicare Advantage?

Medicare Memo: Beat the Heat and Stay Safe this Summer

What is Original Medicare?

What should I look for in a Medicare prescription drug plan?

Medicare Mission: Possible – Accepting Assignment and Keeping Costs Low

Medicare Memo: Learn to Read Food Labels

Medicare Hospital Coverage: Little Things to Help Avoid Big Surprises

Cruising to Medicare Enrollment with the Medicare Decision Road Map

Happy Father’s Day from Medicare Made Clear!

Your Medicare Coverage—A Mid-Year Check-up

Medicare Enrollment Penalties: Know the Risks

Medicare won’t cover a prescription I need—what now?

Your Medicare Coverage Choices

Medicare = Freedom and Flexibility of Choice

Medicare Memo: Have Fun in the Sun—Safely

You’re 65 and Working: What about Medicare?

Are There Gaps in Your Medicare Knowledge?

Happy Mother’s Day from Medicare Made Clear!

Movie Time: Videos from Medicare Made Clear

Top 10 Tips for Caregivers

Can Medicare Help with Home Health and Hospice Care?

Medicare Memo: Engage and Enjoy

Medicare Part A: The Ins and Outs of Hospital Coverage

The Six Types of Medicare Advantage Plans

Spring into Spring with Your Medicare Wellness Visit

Qualifying for Medicare Due to Disability – Special Circumstances, Special Considerations

Compare and Learn: Medicare Made Clear Plan Type Comparison Chart

Healthy Living for Healthy Aging with Medicare

How to Save on Prescription Drugs With Medicare

Getting Ready for Medicare

What’s Most Important to You When Choosing a Medicare Plan?

When am I eligible for Medicare?

Choosing a Medicare Plan: How Juanita Decided

Medicare Enrollment Checklist – Helping You Prepare for an Important Decision

All About Medicare Part D – What you Should Know to Get Coverage

Medicare Covers Medical Nutrition Therapy

How Can I Find Out What My Medicare Plan Choices Are?

Medicare Plans and Cost Sharing: How to Compare Out-of-Pocket Costs

Medicare Advantage Plans: Original Medicare Coverage and More

Stay Informed with the Medicare Made Clear Email Newsletter and other Helpful Tools

Five Tips: Managing your Loved One’s Medicare Benefits

How to Tell if Your Medicare Plan is Right for You

Why Did My Medicare Part B Premium Go Up (or Down) in 2012?

Choosing a Medicare Plan: How Leroy Decided

Becoming eligible for Medicare in 2012? Learn 10 things you can do to help prepare.

How to Save Money with Your Medicare Advantage Plan

Medicare Decision Guide Keeps It Simple

Do I need a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan?

Remember to Get Your Medicare Yearly Wellness Visit

Have a Healthy New Year. Plan preventative care and health screenings now.

5 Ways the Affordable Care Act Changed Medicare for 2012

What Will You Pay for Medicare Part A and Part B in 2012?

Medicare General Enrollment Period is Open

Happy New Year

Turning 65 in 2012? 3 Things You Should Know About Medicare

Medicare General Enrollment Period is January 1 to March 31

Happy Holidays

What is the Medicare Part D Late Enrollment Penalty?

What are Medicare Special Needs Plans (SNPs)?

Long-Term Care: the Basics

Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period ends Today!

The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period is Open through December 7. Learn about adding or switching Medicare Advantage or Part D plans.

This Year’s Annual Enrollment Period is Still Open! Do You Have the Coverage You’ll Need for 2012?

Happy Thanksgiving

Medicare Advantage Plans = Original Medicare + Extra Benefits

How Does Medicare Renewal Work?

Medicare Supplement Insurance and Medicare Advantage Plans Don’t Mix

Review your Health Care Coverage Before the Annual Enrollment Period Ends

November is National Caregiver Month: Find Resources to Help Care for a Loved One

What is a Tiered Formulary and What Does it Mean for Me?

How Do I Switch Medicare Plans? What If I Change My Mind Later?

Annual Enrollment Period – Time to Decide

What Do Medicare Plans Cost? adds helpful resources in time for the Annual Enrollment Period

Can Medicare Advantage Plans Refuse to Cover Me?

Where to go to get answers to your Medicare questions.

Who Can Get Medicare Part D?

When Can I Join, Switch or Drop a Medicare Part D Plan?

What Does Medigap Insurance Cost?

The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period is Open. It’s Time to Act.

Making Sense of Medicare Initiative Helps Boomers Prepare

What is Medicare’s General Enrollment Period?

How Can My Spouse or Dependents Get Insurance Benefits if They’re Not Eligible for Medicare?

Preventive Services: What’s Covered Under Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans?

Three Steps to Enrolling in a Medicare Advantage Plan

How to Compare Medicare Plans

Getting Ready for Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period

What Happens If I Miss the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period?

What Do Medicare Part D Members Pay for Prescription Drugs?

Which Pharmacies May I Use with Medicare?

When Can I Join a Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan?

Review Your Medicare Choices and be Ready for AEP

Preventive Services: What’s Covered Under Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans?

Choosing Between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage

Are You Caring for a Loved One Covered by Medicare? Medicare Offers Resources to Help

Choosing a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan and How to Research Plans in Your Area

Medicare Assistance Can Help Those with Lower Incomes

What is Original Medicare?

Comparing Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage

Need Help Understanding Medicare? Resources are Available

Great Places to Get Medicare Questions Answered

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