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Medicare Initial Enrollment Period: Don’t Miss Your Chance

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Medicare Initial Enrollment PeriodMedicare enrollmentcan leave many beneficiaries feeling overwhelmed, but there are many resources available that can help make sure you make the best choice. With a little research before your IEP begins, you can feel prepared to take full advantage of your options.

What is the Medicare Initial Enrollment Period?

The Medicare Initial Enrollment Period (IEP) is a 7 month window in which a person who has just become eligible for Medicare can choose their plan(s) and enroll. For those who age into Medicare, the IEP begins at age 64 years and 9 months. Other individuals may be eligible due to other circumstances. At this time a beneficiaries may enroll in a Medicare plan or plans, and the benefits will begin on the first day of the month in which they turn 65. The beneficiary has up to 3 months after the month they turn 65 to enroll. Those who miss their IEP must wait to enroll until the next Medicare Annual Election Period (AEP). In 2010, AEP is from November 15- December 31. However, in 2011 AEP change to October 15- December 7.

Medicare Enrollment

All eligible beneficiaries who are collecting social security are enrolled in Medicare Part A automatically. Those who are not yet collecting social security must contact their local social security office to enroll. It is up to each beneficiary to explore the additional coverage available through Medicare Parts B, C and D. Each of these plans have something to offer and it’s important to understand how they differ before choosing a plan or plans.

What if You Miss Your Medicare Initial Enrollment Period

Those who miss their IEP are sometimes charged higher premiums when they enroll in Medicare later and can even be denied certain Medicare Supplement Insurance benefits. If you have questions regarding Medicare enrollment, contact your local Social Security office or visit us at www.medicaremadeclear.com.

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