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Medicare Plans: Why it is Important to Review Your Plan Annually

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Medicare PlansEach year there is a designated time period called the Annual Election Period (AEP) when Medicare beneficiaries have the option to change their Medicare coverage.  In 2010 AEP begins November 15 and ends December 31. For many Americans this is a very busy time of year, filled with travel, holiday celebration and much more. Unfortunately this means that many Medicare beneficiaries will find it difficult to make time to review their Medicare plans during the 2010 AEP.

Why Reviewing Your Plan is so Important

Taking time each Annual Enrollment Period to review your Medicare plan(s) is a proactive approach to managing your health care coverage and your health care costs. Just as your health changes over time, so may your health care coverage needs. You’ll want to make sure you’ve got adequate coverage, and that you’re not paying for coverage you may no longer need. Once the AEP window closes, you must wait until next year’s AEP to make changes.

Changes in Medicare

Medicare coverage may change from year to year.  Because these changes may affect the cost of your Medicare benefits as well as the coverage they provide, it is important to review your plan(s) annually. Everything from premiums, to “in-network” doctors, to drug coverage can change. By reviewing your plan(s) and making the appropriate changes, you can rest assured that you’re enrolled in a Medicare plan that is suited to your needs.

Whether you are currently receiving Medicare coverage, nearing the age of 65, otherwise eligible due to disability, or are researching on behalf of another person, revisiting this subject annually is a great way to proactively manage your health care.

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