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Medicare Advantage: An Alternative to Original Medicare

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Medicare Advantage plans (Part C) are an alternative to Original Medicare (Parts A and B) that may be of interest to people looking for other choices in how they receive their health care coverage

Medicare Advantage plans (Part C) are offered by private insurance companies that have been approved by Medicare. These types of plans combine coverage for hospital stays (Part A) with coverage for doctor visits (Part B), and many include coverage for prescription drugs (Part D). Coverage for dental, hearing, vision and wellness services is bundled with some Medicare Advantage plans as well.

Congress added Medicare Advantage plans as an alternative to Original Medicare (Parts A and B) to give beneficiaries more choices about how they receive their health care coverage. Original Medicare is administered by the federal government. Deciding whether to select a Medicare Advantage plan or Original Medicare is the first step when enrolling in Medicare.

Several kinds of Medicare Advantage plans are available. In some, care is coordinated through a primary care provider and beneficiaries may have to choose from a specific list of doctors and hospitals. In others, you can receive care from any doctor or hospital that will accept the plan’s terms, conditions and payment rates each time they provide a covered service. With Original Medicare, you can visit any doctor or hospital that accepts payment from Medicare.

With so many choices, it’s important to understand your needs and to research the plans and options available to you.


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The family of UnitedHealthcare® Medicare Solutions plans are insured or covered by an affiliate of United Healthcare®, a Medicare Advantage organization with a Medicare contract and Medicare-approved Part D Sponsor.

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