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How to Stay in Your Home as You Get Older

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There’s no place like home, especially as we get older. Some 87 percent of people over the age of 65 want to remain in their own homes and communities as they age, according to AARP.1

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Tips and Resources for New Caregivers

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Are you a caregiver to a loved one? If you are, you are one of over 65 million caregivers that care for an adult child, parent or older family member. Caregiving can be a tough job. It can be rewarding, too.

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Medicare Allows Nursing Home Residents Time Away with Family

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With the holidays in full swing, many nursing home residents would like to be at home with their families but fear losing Medicare coverage if they leave for even a short amount of time.

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Are Your Elderly Parents Showing Signs of Self-Neglect?

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If you’re like a lot of people, you’ll be spending the holidays with your elderly parents or other family members. This is an ideal time to find out if they’re taking good care of themselves or if they’re beginning to show signs of self-neglect.

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Helping Someone with Medicare Decisions? We Can Make It a Little Easier

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By John Schall, CEO, Caregiver Action Network

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Medicare Basics for Caregivers

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Taking care of a loved one on Medicare with a chronic illness, disability or frailty is not an easy job. Yet more than 90 million Americans do it every day, according to the Caregiver Action Network.

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Adult Daycare May Help Your Loved One Live at Home Longer

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If you’re a caregiver to a loved one and feel guilty taking a break from your responsibilities, know this — of those caring for someone aged 65 or older, the average age of the caregiver is 63 years old, and one third of these caregivers are considered to be in fair to poor health.

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Think Older Adults Don’t Abuse Prescription Drugs? Think Again.

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In order for prescription drugs to work properly, they need to be taken correctly. The right dose has to be taken at the right time on the right day. Depending on the drug, it may need to be taken with food or on an empty stomach. If a person takes their medication incorrectly, it could spell trouble, especially for older adults. That’s because as a person gets older, it’s harder for the body to break down the drug, causing it to stay in the body longer than it would in a younger person. Depending on the type of drug, it may even put an older person at higher risk for falls and other injuries.

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Caregiver Resources to Help You Help Your Veteran

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Did you know that families provide 80 percent of the long-term, caregiver care in the U.S.?

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Senior substance abuse: the new age of addiction

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A hidden epidemic. That’s what Dr. Jamie Huysman calls the rising rate of seniors addicted to alcohol and drugs.