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Should I Get Part B If I’m Working Past 65?

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If you’re planning to work past 65, or plan to remain on your spouse’s employer plan, you may be considering whether or not you should still enroll in Medicare. You will still have an Initial Enrollment Period when you turn 65, but depending on the health coverage you currently have, you may also be able to delay enrollment.

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6 Timely Medicare Tips for Turning 65

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Medicare eligibility begins at age 65 for most people. If you are turning 65 soon, you are next up to join the ranks of Medicare beneficiaries. Here’s what you need to know to get prepared.

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What Can I Do During the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period?

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Do you have a Medicare Advantage plan? If you do, then you need to know about the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period. It runs from January 1 – March 31.

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Do I Have to Get Medicare If I’m Covered By My Spouse’s Employer Plan?

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Most people are first eligible to sign up for Medicare when they turn 65, and many choose to enroll during this time. For individuals who are covered by a spouse’s employer health care plan, it may not be necessary, or ideal, to enroll in Medicare immediately upon turning 65.

Medicare covers inpatient rehabilitation in a skilled nursing facility and inpatient rehabilitation facility differently.
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Medicare Coverage for Inpatient Rehabilitation

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Medicare covers inpatient rehab (rehabilitation), which may be provided in two types of facilities:

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How to Get Ready for the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period

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Your Medicare plan automatically renews at the beginning of each year unless you change it, but you might not get exactly the same benefits. Insurance companies review and refine their Medicare plan benefits annually.

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Get to know Medicare at Local Community Events During National Medicare Education Week

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When it comes to learning about Medicare, sometimes talking with someone face-to-face is helpful.  During National Medicare Education Week, September 15–21, UnitedHealthcare and leading health and wellness organizations will host local community educational events. The events are free and open to the public.

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Can You Switch between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage during the Annual Enrollment Period?

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Current beneficiaries can switch to Medicare Advantage (Part C) from Original Medicare (Parts A & B), or vice versa, during the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period. If you want to make a switch, it requires some additional decisions. The specific decisions depend on what coverage you’re switching to and from.

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How to Decide Whether to Switch Medicare Plans

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Picking a Medicare plan is my favorite thing to do,” says pretty much no one. So the decision to switch plans is a big one. It means you’ll shop and compare, and pick again.

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9 Good Reasons Why a Medicare Advantage Plan Might Be Right for You

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Medicare Advantage plans have gained popularity since first being introduced by the Balanced Budget Act of 1997. Here are 9 reasons why.