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For Family Caregivers, the Need for Medicare Know-How May Come Early

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by John Schall, CEO, Caregiver Action Network

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New to Medicare? Choosing Coverage for Next Year? Know These Key Dates.

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When can you sign up for Medicare? When can you switch plans if your health needs have changed? Understanding Medicare’s enrollment periods helps you get the coverage you need when you need it!

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Understanding the Four Basic Parts of Medicare

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Part A, Part B, Part C – learning about Medicare can feel like looking into a bowl of alphabet soup. But to get the coverage that’s best for you, it’s important to know your choices. And that starts with understanding Medicare’s four basic parts.

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Your Pharmacist is a Valuable Medicare Resource

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As part of National Medicare Education Week, we asked leaders from organizations and companies in the health and aging fields about preparing for Medicare Annual Enrollment, which runs from Oct. 15 to Dec. 7. This is the time each year when you can change your coverage choices for the following year. Today we focus on Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage and the help that you might find at your local pharmacy.

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It’s National Medicare Education Week: Get Ready for Medicare Annual Enrollment with These Online Resources

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Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period is almost here — the time (Oct. 15 to Dec. 7) when people can make changes to their Medicare coverage for the year ahead.

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Get to Know Medicare during National Medicare Education Week

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National Medicare Education Week (Sept. 15-21) is dedicated to helping people learn about Medicare. It has one goal — to help empower you to make informed Medicare decisions.

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How Meditation Changes Your Brain for the Better

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Scientists long believed that the human brain was finished with growth and development after twenty-five or thirty years of age. It seemed to be all downhill from there as the years took their toll. But it’s now thought that this decline may not be inevitable.

Map of states where cost plans are closing in the US
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If You Have a Medicare Cost Plan, It Could Be Your Year to Shop

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Fall is Medicare plan shopping season. The Annual Enrollment Period starts on October 15 and runs through December 7.

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5 Reasons Men Skip Doctor Visits, and Shouldn’t

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Men are 24 percent less likely than women to have visited a doctor within the past year, according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). The graphic below, created at Georgetown University, shows more shocking statistics. For example:

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Your New Medicare Card is On the Way

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You are next in line to receive your new Medicare card. Medicare announced that cards are in the mail to you and others who live in your state. Each wave of mailings can take several weeks to complete, so keep an eye out for your card with patience.