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Medicare Enrollment for Veterans

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When a veteran becomes eligible for Medicare, he or she may already have other insurance such as from an employer, the Veterans Administration (VA) benefits or TRICARE. Because of this, you may ask the following:

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Disability & Medicare Eligibility and Enrollment – What You Need to Know in

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Some people can qualify for Medicare due to disability. In this case, if you have a qualifying disability, you are eligible for Medicare even if you are not yet age 65. To find out if your disability qualifies for disability benefits or for Medicare, you’ll need to speak with Social Security directly, but in general, you become eligible the 25th month of receiving Social Security Disability Insurance benefits (SSDI).

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Retiring in 2020: What to Know About Medicare

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If you’re planning to retire in 2020, there are some things to know about Medicare enrollment. Depending on which situation you best match below, you have some options to think about. Read through a quick list of things everyone should know about Medicare and then find the situation that best matches you.

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7 Inside Tips to Help You Make a Smooth Move to Medicare

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How many times have you heard that Medicare is “complicated” or “confusing”? It’s enough to make anyone dread dealing with it, right?