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What is a PDP (Prescription Drug Plan)?

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Medicare Part D prescription drug plans are also known as PDPs. These are standalone plans that can be purchased through private insurance companies. PDPs provide coverage for prescription drugs and medications, and may also cover some vaccines too.

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Does Medicare Cover Emergency Room Visits?

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Yes, Medicare covers emergency room visits for injuries, sudden illnesses or an illness that gets worse quickly. And, since emergencies may occur anytime and anywhere, Medicare coverage for ER visits applies to any ER or hospital in the country. Medicare covers emergency services in foreign countries only in select situations.

Glaucoma can cause gradual vision loss, which makes it hard to detect.
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Are Glaucoma Screenings Covered by Medicare?

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Medicare Part B covers one glaucoma screening test once every 12 months if you are at high risk. You’re at high risk for glaucoma if one or more of the following applies to you:

Medicare HMO and PPO plans determine access to your provider network.
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The Difference between Medicare HMO and PPO Plans

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Medicare HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) plans and Medicare PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) plans differ mainly in the rules each has about using the plan’s provider network. In general, Medicare PPOs give plan members more leeway to see providers outside the network than Medicare HMOs do.

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A 6-Point Checklist to Rate Your New Medicare Advantage Plan

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