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Top 10 Reasons to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

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fruit-and-veggie-dietYou’ve heard it before. Fruits and vegetables are good for you. You may have gotten this message from your mother, from your doctor and even from the US government.

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) advises that:

  • Healthy diets rich in fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases.
  • Fruits and vegetables also provide essential vitamins and minerals, fiber, and other substances that are important for good health.
  • Most fruits and vegetables are naturally low in fat and calories and are filling.

Fruits & Veggies – More Matters® is a health initiative of the nonprofit Produce for Better Health Foundation. The foundation partnered with the CDC to help spread the word about the health benefits of eating more fruits & vegetables.

Here are the initiative’s top 10 reasons to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet.

10. Color and texture.

Fruits and veggies add color, texture and appeal to your plate.

9. Convenience.

Fruits and veggies are nutritious in any form – fresh, frozen, canned, dried and 100%  juice, so they’re ready when you are.

8. Fiber.

Fruits and veggies provide fiber that helps fill you up and keeps your digestive
system happy.

7. Low in calories.

Fruits and veggies are naturally low in calories.

6. May reduce disease risk.

Eating plenty of fruits and veggies may help reduce the risk of many diseases, including heart disease, high blood pressure, and some cancers.

5. Vitamins and minerals.

Fruits and veggies are rich in vitamins and minerals that can help you feel healthy and energized.

4. Variety.

Fruits and veggies are available in an almost infinite variety…there’s always
something new to try.

3. Quick, natural snack.

Fruits and veggies are nature’s treat and easy to grab for a snack.

2. Fun to eat.

Some crunch, some squirt, some you peel … some you don’t, and some can grow right in your own backyard.

1. Nutritious and delicious.

Fruits and veggies taste good and are good for you.

September is Fruits & Veggies – More Matters® Month. With the fall harvest coming in, this may be a great time to make the move to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet.

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