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Replacing Your Medicare Card Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

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The Social Security Administration just made it a whole lot easier for Medicare beneficiaries to replace their Medicare identification cards.

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5 Steps to Choosing a New Doctor

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Choosing a doctor is an important decision. Your doctor can affect your health and quality of life. Unfortunately, knowing what to look for in a doctor is no easy task.

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Have Diabetes? Medicare Parts B and D Have You Covered

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If you have diabetes, you know it’s a day-to-day reality that needs to be attended to. Making wise food choices, eating at regular times and testing your blood glucose are just a few of the self-care behaviors you may need to master.

low vision
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Low Vision: Make the Most of What You Have

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When it comes to vision, many people think you either have it or you don’t. Not so. Many people fall somewhere in the middle. This middle area is called low vision.

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Medicare Part B May Not Cover a Hearing Aid, But Part C Might

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One question many Medicare beneficiaries ask is, “Will Medicare pay for my hearing aid?” The short answer is “No.” Original Medicare does not cover routine hearing exams, hearing aids or hearing aid fittings. Medicare Part B (medical insurance) does cover diagnostic hearing and balance exams if your doctor or other health care provider orders these tests to see if you need medical treatment for a recent injury or illness, such as vertigo or other balance problems.

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Are You at Risk of Skin Cancer?

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Anyone can get skin cancer, but some people are at greater risk than others. Not all risk factors are the same for every type of cancer. However, many skin cancer risks do fall into five common categories.

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5 Tips for Organizing Your Health and Medicare Records

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By Bill Bliesath, the Organizing Guy™

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National Medicare Education Week is Sept. 15-21

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Did you know? According to a 2013 UnitedHealthcare survey, most adults can’t identify what Medicare Parts A, B, C and D cover. Also, 70% of baby boomers describe their understanding of Medicare as “fair” or “poor.”

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Nutrition and Eye Health Go Hand-in-Hand

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Did you know that eating the right foods may help reduce the risk of eye diseases like glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration and cataracts? That’s because certain foods contain large amounts of the nutrients essential to eye health. These nutrients include:

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Medical Professionals Say Pricey Shingles Vaccine is Worth the Cost

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You might expect a big bill when it comes to replacing shingles on your roof, but you may be surprised by the cost to protect against another kind of shingles.