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9 Good Reasons Why a Medicare Advantage Plan Might Be Right for You

Posted by Medicare Made Clear

Medicare Advantage plans have gained popularity since first being introduced by the Balanced Budget Act of 1997. Here are 9 reasons why.

1. Low monthly premium payments

While Medicare Advantage plans vary, they often have low-cost or even $0 premiums. It’s important to shop around. You continue to pay the Part B premium to Medicare.

2. Financial peace of mind

Medicare Advantage plans provide a financial safety net due to a set annual out-of-pocket limit. If your cost reach the limit, then your plan covers 100% of your covered health care costs for the rest of the year. Medicare sets a maximum out-of-pocket limit but many plans set theirs below that. There is no out-of-pocket cap with Original Medicare, though you can add a supplement plan to help cover some costs. Learn how Medicare Advantage and Medicare supplement plans compare here.

3. Dental, vision and hearing coverage

Original Medicare doesn’t provide coverage for dental, vision or hearing care. For a simple solution, most Medicare Advantage plans offer the coverage as part of their benefit packages.

4. Extra support for your health and well-being

Medicare Advantage plans include extra benefits that you don’t get with Original Medicare. Plans are expanding their offerings even more because Medicare gave them more leeway to do so. You may find plans that offer fitness packages, in-home medical visits, transportation to medical appointments and more.

5. Built-in prescription drug coverage

You don’t need a separate Part D plan with most Medicare Advantage plans because drug coverage is a built-in benefit. How simple is that?

6. The simplicity of a single plan

With Medicare Advantage, you have one complete plan to cover your health care needs – doctor visits, prescription drugs, hospital care and more. One plan, one premium and one point of contact for your Medicare questions.

7. Easy access to services and providers

Oversight by your primary care provider and access to an extensive network allow you to see providers and specialists for the care you need. Your primary care provider can easily refer you to the services you need.

8. Emergency care anywhere

You can rest assured that you will get the care you need should you have a health emergency – no matter where it happens. All Medicare Advantage plans are required to provide coverage for urgent and emergency medical care throughout the U.S.

9. Comprehensive care coordination

Most Medicare Advantage plans are coordinated care plans. That means that all your care is brought together under one umbrella so that it can be seen as a whole. The goal is to improve your health outcomes, avoid overlapping tests and procedures and promote clear communication.






The bottom line

Medicare Advantage may be a great choice for you. Most importantly, you need to pick a plan that fits your personal needs. You get to choose every year during the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period, Oct. 15 – Dec. 7.

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