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3 Ways to Dispose of Your Old, Unused Medications Safely

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What Does Medicare Cover for Diabetics?

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If you have diabetes, you know it’s a day-to-day reality that needs to be attended to. It can feel like a full-time job, but you don’t have to do it alone.

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Reasons You Should Schedule an Annual Medicare Wellness Visit

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Your Medicare Wellness Visit, also called a wellness exam, is when you and your doctor put your undivided attention on your health. You’re not there because you’re sick or in pain or needing a prescription. And your doctor is not there to diagnose or treat a health problem.

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It’s Medicare Annual Enrollment. Now What?

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Many health insurance plans, such as employer plans, require you to choose your coverage every year. Not Medicare.

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3 Good Reasons to Shop for a New Medicare Plan

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Many people choose a plan when they first enroll in Medicare and then never look back. They simply stay with the same plan year after year. In general, Medicare Advantage and Part D plans automatically renew every year if you don’t take any action.

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7 Popular Medicare Questions Asked During National Medicare Education Week

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Medicare can seem like a daunting topic to cover. Last Monday, we hosted an online presentation during National Medicare Education Week to provide an overview of Medicare basics and give viewers the chance to ask questions. We received great questions and decided to share the answers with you. Here are the top seven Medicare questions asked during National Medicare Education Week 2018.

Map of states where cost plans are closing in the US
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If You Have a Medicare Cost Plan, It Could Be Your Year to Shop

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Fall is Medicare plan shopping season. The Annual Enrollment Period starts on October 15 and runs through December 7.

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Your New Medicare Card is On the Way

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You are next in line to receive your new Medicare card. Medicare announced that cards are in the mail to you and others who live in your state. Each wave of mailings can take several weeks to complete, so keep an eye out for your card with patience.

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5 Simple Strategies to Help Protect Yourself against Medicare Fraud

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Medicare fraud can be big business for fraudsters and a big problem for taxpayers.

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Delaying Your Social Security Payments Might Be Worth the Wait

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What is the best age to start receiving social security retirement benefits? The “best age” is different for everyone.