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Does Medicare Cover You on a Cruise Ship?

Posted by Medicare Made Clear

Original Medicare (Parts A & B) may cover medically necessary care on a cruise ship, if the ship you’re on when you receive the care is in U.S. waters. That means the ship needs to be within six hours of a U.S. port. Also, the doctor must be legally allowed to provide medical services on a cruise ship.

Original Medicare will not cover care you get on a ship that’s more than six hours from a U.S. port, even if it’s an emergency.

How to Get Medicare Coverage for an International Cruise

Some Medicare Advantage plans (Part C) offer coverage for foreign travel, along with other benefits not provided by Original Medicare. Talk to your plan provider to see if you would be covered while cruising in international or foreign territorial waters and what your costs might be.

Certain Medicare supplement plans cover foreign travel emergency care, including care on a cruise ship. For the most part, plans cover 80 percent of the cost after you meet any deductible. Check the details with your plan provider.

Travel Insurance Coverage for International Medical Care

You may also look into buying travel insurance specifically for your trip. In addition to protecting you against trip cancellation, theft or other mishaps, some plans will cover you if you need medical or hospital care while you’re outside the U.S. Plans vary, so talk with your insurance agent, travel agent or insurance provider to learn about your options.

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