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Good News: Medicare Part B Covers Cataract Surgery

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cataractsA cataract is an eye condition that commonly affects the vision of older adults. A cataract can happen in one or both eyes. Many people who have cataracts will eventually need surgery to get them fixed. Fifty percent of adults 80 years old and older have a cataract or have had cataract surgery.

Original Medicare does not cover routine eye exams or other types of eye procedures under most circumstances. However, Medicare Part B does cover many medically required surgical procedures like cataract surgery.

It’s important that you talk to your doctor before surgery to discuss how the procedure is done, your expected recuperation time, and how much the surgery will cost.

If you have Original Medicare, you will be responsible for paying 20 percent of the Medicare-approved costs associated with the surgery. The Part B deductible will apply. If you have Medicare Advantage or a Medicare supplement plan, your out-of-pocket costs may differ. Call the number on the back of your member ID card to talk to a customer service representative.

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